backup2cloud Delivers Anomaly Detection

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Anomaly Detection

By the time you’ve discovered a ransomware attack, it may already be too late to recover your files. Anomaly detection helps you deal with an attack, fast.

Ransomware attacks are getting smarter all the time. Their attack vectors, payment mechanisms, and encryption methods are continually evolving, and this makes them harder and harder to combat. Recently, ransomware strains have started encrypting files in the background for some time before making their presence known with a demand for payment. Fortunately, backup2cloud’s anomaly detection helps you to identify and deal with attacks early.

Staying Under the Radar

If you want to recover encrypted files following a ransomware attack, you have two options: pay the ransom, or recover previous versions of encrypted files from backups. A ransomware attack that encrypts files and then announces itself to its victim makes the latter option a lot easier: you may only lose a day’s worth of changes, depending on when you took your most recent backup.

Unfortunately, cybercriminals have become wise to this. In order to make it harder to recover files from backups – and therefore make victims more likely to pay the ransom – they have started encrypting files for longer periods before demanding payment for their recovery.

If you’ve been infected with ransomware for a month before you realise you’ve been attacked, you’ll probably find it much more painful to recover from backups. How do you avoid this?

backup2cloud Anomaly Detection

AssureStor’s backup2cloud platform, powered by Infrascale, delivers anomaly detection to help identify ransomware attacks quickly. Anomaly detection provides an early warning system that sends an alert if an abnormally large number of new or modified files are detected.

You can set alert thresholds based on your organisation’s standards. The backup2cloud platform will then calculate a rolling average of the number of modified files over time for a particular device. If the number of modified files in a backup is over the threshold percentage above average, a warning will be sent via email.

backup2cloud then gives you the ability to download and analyse file logs, helping you to tackle the ransomware infection head on.

Fight Back Against Ransomware

The backup2cloud platform helps you to fight back against ransomware. Anomaly detection allows you to identify attacks early, making recovery easier and mitigating the need to pay ransomware demands to cybercriminals.

For information, pricing, and to download a free trial of backup2cloud, visit AssureStor’s dedicated backup2cloud website. And if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.