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Is your organisation using a cloud-based application that operates in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud? Relying on the application provider to recover your critical business data in the event of loss may present serious risks, including the potential for lost intellectual property and regulatory non-compliance.

Their Cloud, Your Data

Your organisation has ultimate responsibility for protecting your critical corporate data, regardless of where that data resides. SaaS and PaaS providers like, Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure generally do a good job of backing up your data. However, those backups are for their benefit, not yours. If you need to recover deleted data – for example purged emails from several months or years ago to be used as legal evidence – you might find that your SaaS or PaaS provider is unable or unwilling to help.

backup2cloud Will Help

Reclaim control of critical corporate information that resides outside of your data centres. backup2cloud enterprise, powered by Asigra, provides recovery and cloud application backup protection for cloud-based data in the same manner as it does for on-premise data centres.

backup2cloud enterprise enables you to manage the recoverability of cloud application backups in multiple ways:-

  • Agentlessly backup the data in SaaS/PaaS clouds to AssureStor data centres located in the UK.
  • Choose the frequency and granularity of the backups on a data source-by-data source basis to ensure that data is protected as long as is required for compliance and business continuity.
  • Mass deploy backup rules to hundreds of Office365 or Google Apps users at once, ensuring consistent protection across departments with minimal configuration effort.
  • Set and achieve Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives that meet your organisation’s needs.
  • Store all data in a secure, encrypted form so that unauthorised users do not have access to the backup information.
  • Retain access to your data at all times, even if you’ve cancelled your SaaS/PaaS subscription.
  • Meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

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