Cloud-to-Cloud Backup and Recovery for Google Apps

Jason Reid cloud backup

Google Apps ImageIf your organisation has been using Google Apps for business operations, you must be enjoying the many benefits that a move to a SaaS-based application presents. However, even as you transfer your capital expenditure and IT management tasks to Google, you still remain responsible for your organisation’s data. This is a complicated situation as your data no longer resides within your organisation’s boundaries or within the control of your IT staff. How do you handle situations where you need to restore a deleted, corrupted or an incorrectly edited file? How do you go back to a previous point-in-time copy? What happens when an employee leaves the firm and you delete his account? How do you ensure that you still have access to your intellectual property?

Though Google performs its own backups to ensure that your data is kept available at all times, they are not responsible for helping you retrieve deleted, edited, or corrupted information. If you have purchased the service through an authorised Google partner, you may be many layers removed from Google. How do you answer your CEO who is looking for that important email that they accidently deleted? How do you respond to the team that is looking to go back to a previous version of a document before collaborative editing caused too many changes to a current version? How long will they need to wait to get their data back? What is the process for such a recovery?

To help you overcome such challenges and reclaim control of your data, AssureStor has expanded its cloud-to-cloud data backup and recovery capabilities to include support for Google Apps. With the AssureStor BaaS platform, powered by Asigra®, you now have the ability to protect your Google Apps data just like any other enterprise data within your IT environment.

Protect Your Data in the Google Cloud the Same Way As All Other Organisational Data:

  • Have access to your data at all times – even when you are not connected to Google
  • Be confident of the ability to recover data when you need it
  • Protect your intellectual property in your own secure authorised data centre
  • Ensure that your backed up data is secure and safe from unauthorised access
  • Restore your data directly back into the cloud
  • Remain compliant with statutory and regulatory requirements


  • Granular backups of data in Google Apps
  • Recovery and restore assurance
  • Standardised backup and recovery approaches
  • Secure backup data storage
  • Peace of mind through automation
  • Enterprise class protection

Contact AssureStor today and start to protect your Google Apps data.