1-Click Failover, Failback & Testing

Full automation for test and live failover including support for reverse replication and automated failback

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Automated Failover, Failback and Testing

The ability to orchestrate and automate a disaster recovery failover, and successfully test the failover on a frequent basis, is a key requirement for businesses of all sizes. Without this capability the business is at significant risk of not being able to recover the Virtual Machines (VMs), data and applications from a disaster. This is because:-

  • The recovery process is reliant on the knowledge of individuals who may not be available to manage the recovery process.
  • The recovery is a manual process taking many days, if not longer, incurring significant downtime to business operations.
  • Testing the failover and failback functionality is a manual, time consuming process. This makes it ad-hoc, infrequent and often never performed, offering no guarantee that the business can recover.

dr2cloud Virtual Automation Features

The dr2cloud Virtual platform, powered by Zerto, enables orchestrated and automated failovers with disaster recovery failover and testing. This completely removes the risk of not being able to recover from a disaster. The service includes the following features:-

  • Click to failover, with no reliance on the knowledge of individuals required for recovery.
  • Fully orchestrated and automated recovery, delivering a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of minutes.
  • Multi-VM enterprise applications recovered together to the same point in time using Virtual Protection Group (VPG) technology.
  • Multi-VM applications recovered in a working state, with boot ordering and no requirement for IP changes.
  • No-impact failover testing for verification of the recovery process.
  • Support for VMs on VMware’s vSphere, as well as Microsoft’s Hyper-V hypervisor.

These features ensure that the VMs are recovered automatically in a working state. dr2cloud achieves this by powering on the VMs in the correct order and with their original IP details, ensuring that the VMs and applications require no manual re-configuration. Custom pre- and post-failover scripts can also be utilised to customise the recovery process and automate any additional configuration steps required. Of course, failback to the original production environment is as seamless as failover.

The Importance of Testing

Failover testing ensures that the virtual environment and applications can be recovered successfully and in a timely manner in the event of a disaster. dr2cloud Virtual enables no-impact failover testing in just a few clicks, with no shutdown of the VMs in production and no break in the replication. This allows disaster recovery failover and testing to be carried out during working hours and completed in minutes.

All failover events, from the automated monthly checks of each protected VM through to any live failovers requested, are recorded within the platform. The dr2cloud Virtual platform includes failover test reporting, in order to easily prove the recovery capability for auditing and management purposes.

Disaster recovery failover and testing.

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