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The Pain of Data Loss

There is nothing worse than having to re-enter data, or losing ideas and intellectual property, because of an unplanned server or site outage. Nobody wants to lose data. Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) refer to how much data is actually being lost. Recovery Time Objective (RTO) refers to how long it takes to get the data back online. Disaster recovery (DR) solutions help customers by providing the minimum data lost and the lowest recovery times. The faster the services can resume and the data is available, the better it is for the organisation.

Traditional BC/DR Protection

Two common solutions that are used to protect data are hardware and storage-based replication. However, hardware and storage-based replication solutions are unable to offer ultra low SLAs when protecting data because they leverage storage snapshots. Storage snapshots introduce unwanted overhead to the production systems, and can create a big network penalty when replicating the snapshots to the remote site. But worst of all, they create a wide gap between data protection points.

When using a snapshot-based replication solution, the process includes:-

  • Waiting for the scheduled replication time.
  • Waiting for the built-up queue of data changes to replicate.
  • Finally, the data is written to storage at the target site.

It’s no surprise that production RPOs for expensive snapshot-based solutions can only hope to achieve an RPO of around an hour. A higher RPO means more lost data.

dr2cloud Virtual: The Modern Approach to BC/DR Protection

Unlike many DR solutions, the dr2cloud Virtual platform doesn’t use snapshots because they are clearly too inefficient. Instead, dr2cloud Virtual is designed to be a highly efficient and easy to use solution, delivering faster disaster recovery times that offer the most aggressive RPOs possible.

The platform combines award winning Zerto Virtual Replication software, using asynchronous replication at the hypervisor level, with AssureStor’s UK-based cloud infrastructure. Software-based asynchronous replication meets efficient design goals in many ways. It is much cheaper, more practical and easier to deploy and support than cumbersome hardware-based synchronous replication solutions. Yet dr2cloud achieves nearly identical replication benefits found in expensive hardware-based full synchronous replication solutions.

The dr2cloud Virtual platform intelligently uses the asynchronous replication framework of Continuous Data Protection (CDP) at the hypervisor level, not the storage level, to capture the data before it is even written to the storage layer in order to be the closest to zero RPO as possible. The platform then replicates data as it passes through the hypervisor, nearly simultaneously as it is being written to the primary site’s storage, to our secure cloud-based platform.

The dr2cloud Virtual platform provides faster recovery times, delivering the most aggressive RPOs in the market today. It is not unusual to have a 10 second RPO with the dr2cloud platform in real production deployments. Low Recovery Point Objectives mean less lost data.

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