Cloud Spillover for Infinite Expansion

The future of scaling Disaster Recovery doesn’t need to include more appliances for growth and scalability.

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Need More Space?
Buy Another Appliance

You’ve been doing this a while, so you know the drill. Need more space? Buy another appliance. But as they say, “more appliances, more money, more problems”. What if you could use intelligent software and the cloud to end this rut? Now you can. Introducing dr2cloud with Cloud Spillover.

The Future of Scaling DR Doesn’t Include More Appliances.

What is Cloud Spillover?

It’s software that finally understands that not all data requires expensive local storage. We call it Cloud Spillover, and it allows the dr2cloud appliances to intelligently spill data to the cloud based on rules you set.

  • Eliminates costly over-provisioning
  • Frees you from forklift upgrades
  • Delivers a pay-as-you-go model

Cloud Spillover enables you to efficiently manage your backup and DR storage costs by keeping the most recent or important backups on the local appliance, with the remainder archived to the dr2cloud platform.

Request an online demo of the AssureStor dr2cloud platform, powered by Infrascale.

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