Innov8 Technology become an AssureStor Platinum reseller

Jason Reid general

innov8Innov8 brings together some of the most innovative product solutions as well as the most knowledgeable experts in the current market. With over 15 years’ experience in the IT solutions marketplace, Innov8 have a proven track record of providing high business value / low risk solutions to small, medium and large enterprise customers.

The challenges of entering the Cloud market space for resellers include the significant infrastructure investment required to establish an enterprise-class set of services, as well as selecting the right technology platforms that are scalable, flexible and suitable.

Jason Reid, Managing Director of AssureStor, says “AssureStor offers resellers a fast track to delivering industrial strength, extreme data protection services in the Cloud, without the need for large investment in time and money.” Jason continued stating “Through the adoption of AssureStor services, resellers can generate a new revenue stream on a re-occurring basis that also has on average an expected annual growth of 20% or higher.”

Stephen Fielding, Business Development Manager for Innvo8, says “We are very excited about working with AssureStor to provide a comprehensive data protection platform to our customers where it is not practical or desirable to implement and manage an onsite data protection solution.”

Stephen also expands on how Innov8 see partnering with AssureStor benefiting their NetApp storage business saying “We also believe that by working with AssureStor to address data protection issues and requirements, Innov8 will also be able to drive additional business around primary storage by building upon the NetApp technology underpinning the AssureStor solution.”

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