Preparing for GDPR: Are Your Backups Appropriate?

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Data backups are an area you may have missed when preparing for GDPR. Does your backup provider meet GDPR requirements?

The IT press is buzzing with blogs about preparing for GDPR. Many of these are taking a fairly ominous tone – you’ve probably read that GDPR will impose fines of up to 20 million euros for non-compliance. With such high stakes, it’s important that all areas of your IT systems are covered when you’re preparing for GDPR. This includes backups, which are often overlooked when considering IT security. Do you know if your backups meet GDPR requirements?

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a piece of legislation that has been created by the EU. It will come into effect on 25th May 2018, at which point it will replace the current Data Protection Act 1998.

GDPR is, in effect, an update to the Data Protection Act 1998. It has a greater scope, in response to changes in the way that organisations handle data in 2017. Think back to 1998; how did organisations contact you? Who held your personal data, and how?

A lot has changed in the past 19 years. The continued rise of the Internet, and the different ways in which organisations communicate with you – whether it’s through emails, social media, or web portals – have meant that organisations hold more data on you than ever before.

GDPR acknowledges these changes and provides a robust, uniform framework to dictate how organisations manage data today.

Preparing for GDPR – Data Backups

GDPR has implications for your data backups. You will need to ensure that your backups are secure, and that they reside in the appropriate geographical location. AssureStor’s backup2cloud enterprise platform, powered by Asigra, protects our clients’ data to the high standards required by GDPR.

Preparing for GDPR

Data backed up using backup2cloud enterprise is protected in-flight and at-rest with military grade encryption, and is stored in Tier III+ data centres all located within the UK. AssureStor is an ISO 9001, ISO 22301, and ISO 27001 certified business, giving our clients confidence in the high standards to which we align ourselves.

GDPR Ready Data Backups

If you’re preparing for GDPR, data backups need to be part of your considerations. AssureStor’s backup2cloud enterprise platform delivers GDPR ready data backups, stored within our secure UK-based data centres. We offer a free 30 day trial of the backup2cloud enterprise platform, and you can contact us if you have any questions about the service.

This is the first in a three part series of blogs we’re publishing around preparing for GDPR. Be sure to check back for part two very soon.