Simple Processes For
Data Backup And Recovery

Know you’re fully compliant and secure. Be ready for disaster recovery. Manage all your backup data with one solution. And never worry about exposure.

Don’t Let Data Loss Sink Your Client's Business

60% of companies go out of business within six months of a major data loss or disaster.

Today’s business runs on data. But threats have evolved: technology failure, environmental disaster, cloud outages, malevolent cyber sabotage or innocent employee error, and more. In a digital age, a backup and recovery solution is essential insurance.

Businesses need a smart evolved approach that minimises operational overhead and infrastructure costs, addresses modern attack vectors and compliance risks, while still ensuring that their data is safe — and can always be quickly restored.

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Grow A Stronger MSP Business With A Little Help From Us

Reduce your time to create and market your own Asigra-based Cloud Backup platform through the Assurestor Hybrid Partner program. Remove the cost and risks typically associated with the development and deployment of a new service platform.

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It’s so much more than file backup. It’s VM backup, container backup, physical host backup, cyber security, compliance management, simplified data management and accessibility, cloud SaaS protection and the choice between Incremental Forever and Changed Block tracking. You’ll have it with Asigra.

Compete On A Clear Playing Field

You will never face competition from us. First, we don’t ever sell direct to end customers. Next, we also eliminate channel conflict between Partners through our Deal Registration Program, which lets you lock in and protect your deals.

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A Suite of Solutions that Neglects Nothing

Invest in a process for any scenario that meets your customers’ needs and protects their data.

Cloud Backup

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Retain complete control of your own branded cloud backup platform. Deployed on your infrastructure, in your cloud, with full design and technical training delivered directly to your engineers.

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