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Cloud cover to protect cloud-based data

A cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery platform for SaaS data held in services including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Dropbox and

Remote security

Remote security

The must-have solution for securing environments with heavy remote-working setups. WFH calls for more robust backup protection, especially when using tools like Office 365 and Google Workspace.

Speedy setup

Speedy setup

Initiate deployment in <15 minutes to deliver near-on immediate protection for all end-user data stored in cloud services like Office365 and Google Workspace.

Easy recovery

Easy recovery

Need access to a file that was accidentally deleted? Within minutes you can find, restore and export archived data from any point in time, supporting business productivity and the bottom line over a longer period.

Extra protection

Extra protection

The in-built security features of cloud-based solutions aren't enough, jeopardising the ability to recover data. So, SaaS2Cloud provides an extra layer of protection to save and recover data if and when it's lost.

Ideal for:
Anyone that’s got data in the cloud
Protecting business-critical data in the cloud from malware, human error and outages
Stacking alongside additional 2Cloud platforms in the Assurestor suite
Affordably protecting your data, with pricing per user
Comprehensive backup, on your terms
The safeguard you might not have known you needed
Assurestor supports you with:
No software, no client, no setup
Simple and cost-effective protection for business data in the cloud
All backup and recovery processes managed through an intuitive cloud dashboard
All data, both in-flight and at-rest within the SaaS2cloud platform is protected by AES-256 and SSL encryption
All authentication requests to your cloud data are made via secure requests with optional two-factor authentication for the platform if required
Data is stored in a secure encrypted format in your chosen Amazon S3 geographic area, ensuring compliance for GDPR and HIPAA
Independently ISO 27001 certified on top of Assurestor's own ISO 9001, 27001 and 22301 certification, ensuring security best-practice

Making cloud-based working truly resilient

Set it

  • Activate your clients' daily backups.
  • Select the archive location, backup time and frequency.
  • Activate backups for all or selected users using admin credentials.

Manage it

  • Manage your clients' backups.
  • Schedule daily reports summarising recent backup activity.
  • Automatically detect new users or add them manually.
  • Export backups of closed accounts for local archiving.

Access it

  • Recover lost or corrupted data, fast.
  • Quickly search for and locate data within archives.
  • Perform non-destructive restores.
  • Export data for local use.

360° Protection

Don't miss a trick with cloud backup

Don't be fooled – data stored in cloud-based services like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 still needs backing up, ideally to another protected cloud. SaaS2Cloud makes that simple by providing a secure, secondary cloud for storage. So, in the event of a data disaster of some sort, you're equipped to recover your data from any point in time.

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