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Your Veeam service elevated to Veeam+

Secure, offsite protection, plugged into a trusted, fully-integrated data backup and disaster recovery infrastructure.

Why Veeam2Cloud is the wise choice for protecting business critical data:

Spend smarter

Spend smarter

Pay-as-you-go scalability to suit business growth, compliance and change.

Recover faster

Recover faster

Speedier backups, with no tapes in sight.

Operate leaner

Operate leaner

Fewer administrative costs than alternatives, leveraging leading protection.

Maximise better

Maximise better

Use your existing Veeam licences or switch to Veeam2Cloud rental licences for Veeam Backup and Replication and Veeam Agents.

Ideal for:
Existing Veeam resellers keen to deliver a Veeam Cloud Connect platform with zero investment, zero-risk
Customers new to Veeam looking for affordable, secure, offsite protection
Customers with existing infrastructures on Veeam technology
Anyone looking for a Veeam-friendly backup and disaster recovery platform
Assurestor supports you with:
Offsite secure storage
Instant recovery in the Cloud
Virtual data centre
End-to-end encryption
One cost-effective platform for both services
ISO 27001 certified with full GDPR and data sovereignty compliance

Rest Assured

Seamless integration with Veeam backup and recovery

Our platform provides an easy and cost-effective repository, accessed by your Veeam deployment with minimal effort, while providing maximum security.

Secure off-site immutable backup repository

Increase your chances of recovering your data – and thwarting any malicious intent – by utilising our secure off-site hardened storage.

Cost-effective backup & DR utilising Instant Recovery

Instant Recovery provides a cost-effective feature allowing your Veeam backups to become the underpinning data storage layer for your emergency virtualised environment in the event of a disaster.

Veeam Elevated

A step up for Veeam storage

With huge Veeam uptake across organisations looking for reliable and economical protection, we’ve developed Veeam2Cloud so that Veeam replications can be stored off-site and in a dedicated, protected disaster recovery facility. All in an easy-to-use service format. End-users can even connect to the Veeam2Cloud platform directly from your existing Veeam backup console.

Gain access to Veeam-powered protection.
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