Disaster Recovery & IT Resilience

DR as a Service

Are your clients considering the cloud for cost-effective protection of their production applications as part of their disaster recovery plan?

Are they looking to the cloud to avoid setting up a secondary replication site, or in order to get rid of an existing replication site?

The dr2cloud platform, powered by Zerto, delivers cloud-based disaster recovery & IT resilience services that enable businesses of all sizes to protect production applications, with industry-leading RTO and RPO service levels.

With support for both on-premise and hyperscale virtual workloads such as Azure and AWS, and the ability to deliver Continuous Data Protection (CDP) with automated fail-over and fail-back processes, dr2cloud is the obvious choice to protect your clients from the risks of outages and downtime.


dr2cloud is Assurestor’s premier Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) platform, delivering true IT resilience. The platform, powered by Zerto technology, provides continuous availability of your critical workloads from your private or public cloud with orchestration, automation and analytics built-in.

The service provides an all-inclusive package within a simple monthly recurring service charge model. Regular, audited checks of every protected system, bi-annual full fire-drill tests providing a clients complete protected IT estate for full application and data testing, and an inclusive DR Invocation allowance that covers up to 4 weeks live operation. With dr2cloud we have you and your client's covered from any angle.


What Is IT Resilience?

IT Resilience is the ability to seamlessly adapt to change while protecting your business and customers from disruptions. An IT resilient mode of operations allows you to be ready for any type of disruption, planned or unplanned, so you can mitigate the risk of downtime and focus on the projects that drive transformation.

Over 90% of business don’t consider themselves IT resilient, however the majority of these businesses view IT resilience to be foundational to successfully achieve digital transformation.

Add dr2cloud to your portfolio and deliver a true IT resilience solution capable of converging disaster recovery, backup and workload mobility.

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The Elements of IT Resilience

Built on a foundation of continuous data protection, Zerto’s IT Resilience Platform™ converges disaster recovery, backup, and workload mobility. Built-in orchestration and automation provide you one simple, agile solution to save time, resources and costs. Analytics with intelligent dashboards give you complete visibility across multi-site and cloud environments.

Zerto IT Resilience Components

Continuous Data Protection

Orchestration & Automation

Analytics & Control

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Eradicate Downtime & Data Loss
Deliver an enterprise-grade Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution that provides rapid, affordable failover to a second site with the flexibility to boot from the appliance or cloud. dr2cloud Infrascale is a hybrid cloud based disaster recovery as a service that helps mitigate the downtime caused by server crashes, ransomware attacks, or natural disasters.

Eliminate Downtime
And Data Loss

Whether it’s a routine server crash or a site-wide disaster, unplanned downtime comes with serious consequences.

Your Ransomware

Empower your clients to quickly recover from a ransomware attack without ever having to pay a ransom.


Through harnessing the power and scale of the cloud, instead of expensive, on-premise infrastructure, equip your clients with affordable fail-over and data protection.

How It Works

dr2cloud Infrascale backs up physical servers and virtual machines to a local appliance before it is replicated to the dr2cloud platform.

dr2cloud Infrascale - How it works
When a server crashes, or a file just needs to be restored, you can quickly restore recently backed up files locally or from the cloud. And in events – such as natural disasters – where both the primary server and the DR appliance are unavailable, then systems can be spun up in the cloud as a temporary centre of operations until the primary servers can be restored. This hybrid approach enables you to spin up VMs locally or from the cloud, enabling your users to access their data and applications from a temporary production site, buying you time to fix the root problem.


dr2cloud Infrascale protects all of your clients data from physical and virtual environments, Windows, Linux, Unix, VMware and Hyper-V.

Failover Guarantee

dr2cloud Infrascale offers an industry-leading 15-minute SLA for fail-over and have an average recovery time of 70 seconds.


With dr2cloud Infrascale, your clients can say goodbye to formal declarations of disasters. Now, they can test with impunity with push-button ease and unlimited DR testing.


Ensure your clients don’t pay the ransom. Quickly recover operations by restoring a clean, uninfected version of their files, applications and systems.

Add dr2cloud To Your Portfolio Today

Eliminate the risk of downtime and data loss for your clients, whilst adding a profitable recurring revenue stream to your business, without the upfront costs and risks typically associated with launching a new service platform.

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