Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Data in the Cloud is Safe.
Isn't It?

Popular online services such as Office 365, Google G Suite and still rely on the trash bin for data recovery. That means that once the recycle bin is manually or automatically purged, your clients data is gone…forever!

With saas2cloud's automated backup platform, you can protect your clients business and mission critical data stored in these SaaS platforms immediately directly to our cloud.

No software, no client, no setup. All backup and recovery processes are managed through an intuitive cloud dashboard giving you and your clients simple and cost-effective protection for organisation data in the cloud.


SaaS2Cloud, powered by Cloudally, is Assurestor’s go-to platform for native Cloud-to-Cloud backup protection.

The platform offers secure and reliable cloud backup protection for leading online services such as Office365, G Suite / Google Apps,, and Salesforce.

Worries about lost or corrupted data are a thing of the past. Whether it’s filing financial reports, resolving legal issues or just managing day-to-day operations, you can be sure that all your clients data is both 100% safe and only a few clicks away. Need access to a file that accidentally got deleted? Within minutes you can find, restore and export archived data from any point in time.

SaaS2Cloud Security

At Assurestor, the security of your clients data is of paramount importance.

All data, both in-flight and at-rest within the saas2cloud platform is protected by AES-256 and SSL encryption. In addition all authentication requests to your cloud data are made via secure oAuth requests with optional two-factor authentication for the platform if required.

Data is stored in a secure encrypted format in your chosen Amazon S3 geographic area, ensuring compliance for requirements such as GDPR, HIPAA, etc.

In addition, the saas2cloud platform is also independently ISO 27001 certified on top of Assurestor's own ISO 9001, 27001 and 22301 certification, ensuring industry best-practices for security are followed end-to-end.

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What SaaS Platforms Can I Protect?

Data stored in any of the following cloud (SaaS) platforms can be protected immediately by saas2cloud.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 Exchange brings the power of Microsoft Office to the cloud, but it also brings with it an unwanted element of risk.

Although your data is hosted by Microsoft, maintaining control and protection of your business data in case of security threats or accidental deletion is ultimately your company’s responsibility.

saas2cloud's user-friendly, automated and secure office 365 backup solution ensures the safety of your company’s valuable Microsoft data, guaranteeing compliance with retention policies, preventing intentional and unintentional data loss while greatly improving recovery time objectives.


SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business are powerful cloud-based collaboration and storage services. However, they lack the essential ability to recover documents once they’ve been removed from the trash. saas2cloud protects all your SharePoint sites, OneNote, and OneDrive data with automated daily SharePoint/OneDrive backup, to secure Amazon S3 storage.

The saas2cloud platform is compatible with all plans and you can backup from Team Sites (and all sub-sites), Public Sites (and all sub-sites), Private Site Collections and OneDrive for Business sites.

Google G-Suite

While Google offers minimal data protection and recovery, ultimately you’re still responsible for all of your information. You need to ensure you are protecting your critical data from loss due to accidental deletion, sync errors, malicious insiders, or hacking.

The saas2cloud G Suite backup tool is compatible with all G Suite / Google App plans, and allows you to manage multiple domains from a single saas2cloud account.

The saas2cloud Google Apps backup service is capable of protecting data from all of Google’s wide range of apps, including Mail, Drive, Team Drive, Classic Sites, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Chats.

Box is a powerful file storage and collaboration platform, but lacks the ability to recover files that have been accidentally or maliciously destroyed.

The saas2cloud platform is compatible with the Box Starter, Business and Enterprise plans, all of which provide the API integration needed for saas2cloud to backup your Box folders and files.

The saas2cloud automated daily backup for Box service ensures your folders and files are backed up daily to secure Amazon S3 storage and available for recovery from any point in time with a few simple clicks.

Dropbox for business is a powerful secure file sharing and storage for business. But as a file storage and collaboration platform, it lacks the ability to recover files that have been accidentally or maliciously destroyed.

The saas2cloud platform is is compatible with Dropbox Business (For Teams) editions, which provide the API integration needed for saas2cloud to backup your Dropbox Business folders and files.

The saas2cloud automated daily Dropbox backup service ensures your folders and files are backed up daily to secure Amazon S3 storage, and are available for recovery with a few simple clicks from any point in time.

For many businesses, Salesforce data serves as the infrastructure for success. In order to protect your business’ critical data, a system administrator must perform time-consuming, manual on-site backups that can only be completed once a week.

Whether it be a result of accidental or malicious data deletion, or inadvertent processes that result in data corruption, your business’ lack of daily Salesforce data backups represents tremendous and unnecessary risk!

saas2cloud automates daily Salesforce backups eliminating this potential risk and ensures that your data is protected around the clock and available for recovery whenever you need it.

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How It Works

saas2cloud makes it easy to activate backups for entire organisations, manage archives, and recover lost or corrupt data from any point in time.


Activate Your Clients Daily Backups

Select the archive location, backup time and frequency

Activate backups for all or selected users using your clients admin credentials


Manage Your Clients Backups

Schedule daily reports summarising recent backup activity

Automatically detect new users or manually add them manually
Export backups of closed accounts for local archiving


Recover Lost or Corrupted Data

Quickly search for and locate data within archives

Perform non-destructive restores
Export data for local use

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