Last Updated November 2023

Assurestor’s Backup as a Service (BaaS) platform powered by Asigra Tigris Secure Backup.

Currently supported regions include:

  • United Kingdom (UK1)

Planned regions (Q1 2024) include:

  • European Union (EU1)
  • North America (US1)
  • Canada (CA1)

Backup2Cloud Service Description
Backed up data (Backup Data) is stored at a single datacentre within the chosen region.

Asigra DS-Client software (Client) is deployed to a suitable system at the End User site (Source Site) using the supplied Customer Registration Information (CRI) file.

During deployment an Account Key and Client Key (Encryption Keys) are configured and used for in-flight and at-rest encryption of all backup data.

Note. The storage and safe keeping of the Encryption Keys is the responsibility of the End User or, where applicable, the Reseller. If the Encryption Keys are lost, data may not be recoverable.

An unlimited number of Clients can be deployed to protect multiple Source Sites.

The Client is configured to protect Backup Data through the creation of a Backup Set which contains the selected source data to be backed up, an associated schedule that sets the time and frequency for the backup to be run and an associated retention policy specifying the length of time Backup Data should be retained (Backup Set) by the End User.

Supported Backup Sets can be enabled for malware scanning and Asigra’s Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) for enhanced security.

Management of the Client including Backup Sets, schedules and retention policies are made available through the Asigra Management Console (AMC).

Live and historical analytics on the platform’s performance are made available through the My2Cloud Portal.

Backup2Cloud Plus Service Description
Backup2Cloud plus…
Air-gapped backup of all backup data to a secondary data centre within the chosen region.

  • United Kingdom (UK2)
  • European Union (EU2)
  • North America (US2)
  • Canada (CA2)