Assurestor's Cloud-to Cloud Backup Service powered by Cloudally


Currently supported regions include:

  • AWS US-East (Northern Virgina)
  • AWS Canada (Central)
  • AWS Europe (Ireland)
  • AWS Europe (Frankfurt)
  • AWS Europe (Paris)
  • AWS United Kingdom (London)
  • AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney)
  • AWS Asia Pacific (Tokyo)

SaaS2Cloud Service Description

SaaS2Cloud (Service) is provided by Cloudally, an OpenText company, and comprises the following: cloud-to-cloud backup, storage, restoration and retrieval of data services and facilities.

The Service provides the capability to store data within the Service and retrieval of that data from the Service through a secure web-based management portal.

The Service stores the data in a range of worldwide Amazon AWS data centres (Regions) that are chosen when a new End User is first registered to the Service.

‌The Service supports the following cloud services (SaaS Platforms):

  • Microsoft 365
  • Google Workspace
  • Salesforce
  • Dropbox

The Service is connected to the relevant SaaS Platform along with selecting the objects to be backed up, including the backup frequency and other settings (Backup Task) by the End User.

Management of the Backup Tasks are made available through the Cloudally portal.

Live and historical analytics on the platform’s performance are made available through the My2Cloud Portal.