BaaS v12.2 is now available

Jason Reid cloud backup

BaaS 400pxBaaS v12.2 provides quick and efficient data recovery.

In the world of data protection, recovery is everything. The ability to recover your data and applications, as they existed at the point of time that you face a data loss event is essential to restoring business operations to a state of normalcy. And these don’t have to be catastrophic events such as a hurricane or power outage. Data loss can happen at any time from events such as machine or disk failure, human error, or plain oversight. In all such cases, the ability to get your data and applications back up and running with certainty in the shortest time possible is critical.

In the latest v12.2 update to the BaaS platform, we have made even more additions to our comprehensive enterprise backup and recovery service so that you can achieve quicker, more efficient recoveries of your critical data and application assets irrespective of their operating platform, the device that they are being run on, or the locations that they are hosted at – your data centre or in the cloud of an external cloud providers such as IBM SmartCloud™,, Google Apps and others.

Backup as a Service is all about quick and efficient recovery enablement for businesses containing features such as more efficient and granular recoveries of enterprise applications either on premise or in the external cloud, even more efficient instant recoveries for physical and virtual machines, and the support for recovery of more cloud-based applications. The key new features in the v12.2 release include:

  • Single Backup, Granular Recoveries
    Recover to any level of granularity from a single backup of Microsoft Exchange or SharePoint
  • Faster Backups, Instant Recoveries of Virtual Machines
    Leverage the power of LAN free backups of virtual machines for faster backups and instant recoveries
  • Quicker, More Efficient Virtual Machine Recoveries
    Experience the power of incremental restore to achieve quicker, efficient and low impact recoveries for virtual machines
  • Recover Google Apps Back into Google’s Cloud
    Backup and recover your critical data that resides in Google Apps
  • Enhanced Intuitive User Experience
    Experience the new modern user interfaces for the laptop, desktop, tablet and smartphone clients

 For more information on the BaaS platform and this latest release please contact us.