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Protecting Laptop and Mobile Devices

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Laptop and Offsite Desktops

The vast majority of laptops and offsite desktops today contain confidential customer data and corporate Intellectual Property (IP). It is no surprise that, for businesses, protecting data on these devices has become critical to ensuring business continuity and regulatory compliance.

The backup2cloud enterprise mobile client, powered by Asigra, has been specifically designed with offsite desktop, laptop and mobile device backup requirements in mind. Once deployed you can rest assured that, as long as you’re connected to the local network or have an Internet connection, your device is being securely backed up.

Laptop and mobile device backup.

Tablet and Smartphones

Handheld devices like smartphones and tablets are fast becoming more and more prevalent in enterprise environments, as well as with consumers, exposing corporate IT to unrecoverable data loss from these devices. These endpoints demand increased data protection requirements, new data protection strategies, and new application access control policies.

Today, the data protection for tablets and smartphones is typically a multi-step process. These devices are synced up with the laptop or desktop, and that laptop or desktop is backed up by corporate IT in the middle of the night. When the employee is travelling, sometimes it could be days or weeks before their data is protected.

With the backup2cloud enterprise iOS or Android client you can now deploy a simple ‘one click’ solution for laptop and mobile device backup and recovery through an intuitive GUI. In fact, the end user does not even have to open the GUI to conduct their data backups. Their backups automatically take place during a pre-defined backup window, typically in the middle of the night. If the user has made a lot of important changes and cannot wait until the scheduled data backup time, they click the ‘backup now’ button within the GUI for immediate protection.

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