Triple Security Backups with backup2cloud

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Triple Security Backups

AssureStor’s backup2cloud platform protects data throughout its lifecycle with triple security backups.

Businesses today dedicate significant resources towards securing their network perimeters. The risk of data breach has never been higher, and the penalties for suffering from a data breach can be significant. Unfortunately, however, backups can be forgotten when businesses assess their security preparedness. This can create a security loophole that may be exploited by cybercriminals. AssureStor’s backup2cloud platform closes this loophole through triple security backups.

Secure Your Data Backups

Recent years have seen a number of high profile backup data loss incidents hit prominent organisations. Many of these incidents could have been avoided with the appropriate levels of backup security in place.

AssureStor’s backup2cloud platform is powered by Infrascale technology. Infrascale have made it their mission to ensure that their cloud backups are as secure as possible. A key component of this is triple security backups, which deliver military-grade security for your business’s backups.

Triple Security Backups

Infrascale Triple Security Backups

Triple layer encryption utilises private key and double blind encryption, which means that only you can decrypt and view data in the cloud.

  • Source encryption encrypts data at its source with your own private key.
  • Transit encryption secures data by sending it through a 256-bit SSL encrypted tunnel.
  • Rest encryption encrypts data when it is at rest in our data centre.

UltraSafe Private Key Encryption protects your data with user-defined keys that are never saved in our cloud. This ensures that you – and only you – can access your data. And double-blind encryption encrypts data at the source and in our cloud, enhancing its security and significantly reducing the risk of data breach.

Secure Your Mobile Workforce

The backup2cloud platform also allows you to secure your mobile workforce. Geotracking lets you locate lost and stolen laptops and mobile devices, while remote wipe gives you the power to delete data on remote devices with the push of a button.

The backup2cloud platform is inherently secure and feature-rich. And through our dedicated backup2cloud website you can purchase and deploy backup2cloud easily and quickly. Contact us if you’d like to learn more.